New visual identity for Wassenaar Warriors International Rugby Club

10 April 2021

A new chapter in the history of Wassenaar Warriors is about to be written. Today we proudly launch our new visual club identity, with a new logo and new match kit for next season. In September 2020 we relocated the club to Wassenaar and changed the name to Wassenaar Warriors. The club has a proud…

Rugby Sevens Tournament Ages 7-13 on 4 September 2021 @Wassenaar Warriors IRC

06 April 2021

Wassenaar Warriors IRC looks forward to the new year, of which we hope that worldwide the Covid-19 outbreak will be contained and we will again have opportunities to play great rugby matches and tournaments. With the confidence that things will get better in the coming year, we are proud to announce that we are hosting…

Turvens: Turven Spirit

04 April 2021

Turvens season 2020-2021 has entered the spring. Because of the pandemic, there are still no games or tournaments for our Warriors. The coaches have tailored the training sessions to the future of the players. In order to have a smooth transition for the next season, the second years Turvens are joining Benjis’ Monday training to…


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