Juniors: winning performance to be proud of

26 November 2021

On Saturday 20th November, The Hague Barbarians (the combined teams from Wassenaar Warriors, WRC Te Werve and Voorburgse Rugby Club) delivered a solid winning performance against The Waterweg Warriors (The Hookers). The clubs had meet previously in a friendly competition, with The Hookers firmly beating The Barbarians in that pre-season warm-up. Learning from that experience,…

Turvens: 6 Wins and Valuable Experience From Challenging Matches

22 November 2021

On Saturday November 20th, 27 Turvens Warriors formed 3 teams at HRC to play against 3 teams from HRC and 2 teams from VR-C. Due to the new measurements against Covid19, parents spectators were not allowed. Most Warriors had never played without their parents before. However, they did greatly as always. We had 6 wins…

Turvens: Excellent Home Game

16 November 2021

On Saturday November 13th, 2021, Turvens hosted their second home game. We were very lucky that the weather was sunny and warm. The parents could still watch the games. Everything worked for us. With this happy mood, 26 Warriors formed 3 teams to play against 2 teams from HRC and 2 teams from Diok. They…