What a brilliant morning of rugby, with fantastic individual skills and most importantly excellent teamwork!  It was much better having the full size pitches this time and there was lots of open flowing rugby played by all the teams.

By my count BSN won 5 out of the 6 matches – fantastic result!

HRC B beat BSN A 6-5

A very close and competitive game, with some of the longest spells of open play I have ever seen, really excellent play by George (what did you have for breakfast?), trademark fast diagonal runs from Oscar and diving tries from Sawyer. Harsh (but fair, says dad!) refereeing disallowed a try from Matthew, but his other try down the line was a beauty!

BSN A beat Hookers B 7-2

A great team effort, a memorable bulldozer of a try from Luke from 2 metres out – there was nothing that was going to stop him scoring his first competitive try!  Everyone was hungry for the ball with great catching, running and carrying from Henry and Bence.  And once again George seem to alway be in the right place to receive the ball and move forward.


BSN A beat HRC A 8-4

Well done to Bence, George, Henry, Matthew, Oscar and Sawyer!

BSN B beat Hookers A

Great teamwork and very good hands passing the ball by Rijk, Max, Pietro, Daniel, Anthony and Lars.

BSN B beat HRC B

After the close match with HRC and BSN A, the BSN B boys got the job done to win against HRC!

BSN B beat Hookers B 7-2

Short of numbers, but not short of spirit: Lars, Pietro, Oscar, Daniel, Anthony did a great job against Hookers B with 7 trys.  Anthony was lightning quick at the restarts, Oscar also kept the pace high even after a knock to the leg.  Pietro’s try in the corner and total of 3 tries by Lars were some of the best of the day!