The Rugby World Cup 2023 has once again introduced more people to the great sport of rugby. If you don’t know the rules yet, it seems like a simple game: you need to get the ball and then push it to the ground over the opponent’s try line. It may seem like it is not that difficult, yet it is a bit more complicated.

Wassenaar Warriors is pleased to offer the free, nicely illustrated booklet ‘Rugby: A Game of Strength, Strategy, and Territory’, explaining the basic elements of rugby in an understandable way. For example, how is a rugby pitch constructed, what is ‘Offside’, a ‘Ruck’, a ‘Line out’ and when is a scrum formed? Together with the illustrations, the booklet offers a great way to learn about the basic elements of rugby. It’s a fun and educational read for everyone, whether you already know the rules, or want to know more about this great sport.

Would you like to see this booklet? It is digitally available via this link (please note, in case of a download, it is a large file).

Thank you Soyuz!

Many thanks to Soyuz digital based in Paris, who made this booklet possible. Sébastien Bonnefoy of Soyuz has had the booklet created to help people learn more about rugby and get them interested in the sport. Sébastien, who temporarily lives in the Netherlands, is a big fan of rugby. His son plays with our Juniors and Sébastien is Bond / District representative for our club.Copyright booklet, texts and illustrations: Wassenaar Warriors, October 2023.

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