After a slight detour to Delft, the BSN Turvens unleashed fast, open and competitive play at Voorburg securing 3 great victories!!!


BSN probably bt Delft 12-11

BSN probably bt Voorburg 10-8

BSN probably bt Voorburg 9-8

Great trys from Lars (like a hot knife through butter), Sawyer (springing and leaping), Anthony (pirouetting and dancing) , Matthew (in the corner), Daniel (loudest cheer of the day), Luke (crunching through the defence), Henry (purposeful and accurate) and Bence (pouncing on the loose ball)! Great tagging and passing from Trym, Marcos and Bobby!

What have we learned?

• Always have 2 hands on the ball when running – no hand offs!

• Watch out for offside – always make sure you are ready in defence behind the ball after tagging someone.

• Don’t get in the way of Luke with ball in hand 2 metres from the try line!

In case you were wondering, all facts have been independently checked by Donald Trump….