What a great day of rugby for the BSN Turvens at the District Championships!  Our teams put in really strong performances, in tight and competitive games, including 2-2 draws during the group stages with both the eventual tournament winner and 3rd place team.  Out of the 22 teams BSN finished in 10th and 15th position overall, which all 15 players, coaches and parents should be rightly proud of!

BSN1:  Anthony, Bobby, George, Leonardo, Matthew, Oscar, Sawyer, Troy

BSN1 came 3rd out of 6 in their group.  They won 2-1 against Hookers1, won 5-3 against DIOK1, drew 2-2 with HRC3 (the eventual tournament winners), drew 6-6 with Delft1 and lost 3-2 to Voorburg3.

In the semi-final BSN1 beat Hookers2 3-2 and in the final lost to HRC2 4-2, which earned 10th place overall.

Important defensive performances from Troy returning in his first game since injury and a cruelly disallowed try from Bobby.

22 trys scored for BSN1:  Sawyer 9, Oscar 4, Anthony 4, George 2, Leonardo 2, Matthew 1.

21 trys against.


BSN2:  Bence, Daniel, Luke, Marcos, Max, Pietro, Trym, Subs: Anthony, Oscar, Sawyer

BSN2 came 4th in their group.  They won 5-2 against Delft2, drew 2-2 with DIOK2 (eventual tournament 3rd place team), lost 4-3 to HRC4 and lost 4-3 to Hookers2.

In the semi-final BSN2 lost 3-2 to Delft1 and drew 2-2 against Voorburg 2 for overall 15th place in the tournament.

Purposeful forward ball carrying as always from Bence and great defensive performance from Trym.

17 trys scored for BSN2:  Daniel 7, Max 3, Luke 2, Petro 2, Marcos 1, Anthony 1, Oscar 1.

17 trys against.


Chris Braggs