With Easter right around the corner, the Mini’s travelled to Etten-Leur for the Pre-Paas Toernooi. We always like visiting Etten-Leur, as their events are always well organised and you’re sure to play good or at least unfamiliar teams from outside our district. With two qualifying groups and 6 potential games, we settled in for the long haul. Waiting for us in the final game in the group stages were Oemoemone, who the Minis were looking forward to playing again as they knew it would be a very competitive game.

BSN 6 – 0 Etten-Leur
First up, the hosts; Etten-Leur. The weather forecast was overcast but it was already warm and sunny at kick-off. Luckily the Mini’s didn’t break too much of sweat against the hosts, cruising to a 6-0 win. Weak defending allowed Louis to score from an uncontested run down the wing from the kick-off setting the tone.

BSN 3 – 0 Rotterdam
The Mini’s then followed up with a 3-0 win against Rotterdam. Cammy provided the comedy by scoring a ‘try’ on the 15m line, when clean through to score. The resulting play saw the Mini’s bundled into touch.

BSN 2 – 0 Octopus
The Minis next game was a scrappy affair against Octopus, who had some big and heavy forwards. The Minis scrum machine was very impressive, bolstered with the introduction of Charles, who was playing his very first rugby game. And it was a scrum that the Mini’s scored first, a dummy run by Alexander setup an open side attack down the line, Jamal brilliantly offloading to Atlanta to score on the wing against Octopus’s well organised defence.

The Mini’s scrum machine was excellent, winning against the head all day!

BSN 1 – 1 Oemoemone
The Mini’s were under no illusion about the forthcoming game against Oemoemone, a big and well structured team. We’re still not sure what they feed the kids on in Middleburg but boy, they have some big players! It was a finely balanced first half ending try-less. In the second half, Oemoemone scored first from a penalty close the goal line. Oemoemone good defending held out well until the final action when Joseph powered his way over the line to secure the draw. A great game… we’ll see them in the final… and we did!

BSN 5 – 1 Oysters
Having come second in our group on try difference, the Mini’s played group 2 winners; Oysters. The Minis dominated possession and attack from start to finish. Oysters pickup up a consolation try deep into the second half when the game was already won. One of the highlights saw Atlanta picking up the ball from deep and running through 5 defenders in turn to score.

BSN 1 – 2 Oemoemone
The final started with some good intensity from the Minis. After some early skirmishes the Minis went on to dominate the first half. Camped around Oemoemone 10m line for most of the half, the Minis failed to penetrate Oemoemone well organized defensive line who held firm under waves of attacks and it can be said, a calamity of error’s by the Minis. Under pressure, a turnover saw Oemoemone big center brake through the attacking line to run in a try. The second half was more of a finely balance encounter. Oemoemone applying the pressure first, scoring a second through the middle. The Mini’s instantly replied from the kick-off, Joesph putting the backs under pressure then intercepting a back pass to score. Oemoemone almost scored again after another line break but for a high tackle (apologies) in desperate defence. Oemoemone were now under pressure but they held out against multiple penalties and turnovers in and around there 15m line to secure the win. A great game and great effort by both teams, we wish would could play these types of games more often! Congratulations to Oemoemone!

Oemoemone & BSN squad photo after two great games together! True rugby spirit by both teams!

Squad; Alexander, Atlanta, Camille, Charles, Daniel J (C), David, Jacob, Jamal, Jamie, Joaquin, Joseph, Josh, Leyla, Louis, Moritz

Man-of-the Match; Jamal

Coaches: Andy, Daran, Pablo, Scott