Thirteen BSN Turvens made the trip to Delft for the Bonsadag matches against Amstelveen, Delft and Voorburg.  In blustery conditions, the team showed their increased confidence: shipping the ball across the line with ease and picking out the support runners to break through the opposition’s defense….

Great individual performance from Luke with brilliant diagonal running and standing his ground on the wing (opposition winger tried to run through Luke and landed somehwhere in Rijswijk!).  Shepherd was lightning quick with ball in hand heading to the corners.  Trym, Rijk and Zachary ran great support lines picking up several trys each.  Bobby put his illness from last week behind him and made a number of great try scoring runs.  Well done to Noah and Joseph for bringing the training field practice of always picking out the teammate for the pass after the tag.  Matthew did great work on the floor with the loose ball securing important turnovers.  Kavin got lots of try saving tags in defense.  Max, Mats and Axel were causing all sorts of problems for the opposition with their speed and determination to get across the line.

As we finished the last match, with the sun finally out, the players could bask in the glow of an excellent team performance: four wins, a draw and two losses.

Voorburg bt BSN 7-5

BSN bt Delft 6-4

BSN draw Amstelveen 6-6

BSN bt Delft 6-4

BSN bt Delft 8-6

BSN bt Delft 9-5

Amstelveen bt BSN 6-5