The BSN Turvens travelled to Utrecht for the final Bondsdag of the season.  This marked the end of a great season for the team, and for the second year Turvens, this would be the last time that they play tag rugby, with excitement of Benjis and tackling to look forward to!

BSN got off to a great start against Voorburg taking a 2 try lead at halftime.  Henry, Bobby and Marcos put in stand out performances with great tagging and strong direct running for the line.  However, a couple of uncharacteristic handling errors saw the first half lead slip and Voorburg eventually took the victory.

By the second match BSN had got in the zone and played great team rugby against the hosts.  Rijk and Max were particularly impressive with 7 trys between them!

In the final match against Voorburg, BSN were virtually impenetrable in their defense, and still had plenty of gas in the tank to run in 9 trys in victory over Voorburg!  Fantastic work by Luke on the loose ball, presenting the ball in style from the ruck ready for BSN to score. Joseph, Shepherd and Trym also made important contributions with 4 trys between them.

Voorburg2 bt BSN 8-6

Trys for BSN scored by Marcos, Bobby (2), Max, Luke and Matthew

BSN bt Utrecht 12-7

Trys for BSN scored by Rijk (3), Trym, Matthew (2), Max (4) and Luke (2)

BSN bt Voorburg1 9-5

Trys for BSN scored by Trym (2), Bobby (2), Shepherd, Luke, Joseph and Matthew (2)


Matthew and Henry combining for a try against Voorburg

Matthew to Luke….

Luke to Bobby….

Bobby to Trym….

Trym driving forward, Voorburg grasping at air….

Matthew on hand to finish off the move….

Awsome defense ready to blitz the opposition….

Henry with the tag, nobody goes through Luke!