BSN Benjis headed down to Gouda for the first time this season for the A12 local derby….  after some nightmare traffic they arrived to bright, crisp conditions to take on HRC, Voorburg and Gouda.  The Benjis put together a great performance in defense and recorded three wins, two draws and one defeat.  It was a much tighter overall defensive performance compared to the week before at Te Werve, where BSN lost to Gouda and won against Hookers and HRC.

Gouda 3rd November

BSN1: Bence, Bobby, Iggy, Joseph, Lars, Meng Meng, Matthew, Oliver, Rijk & Santi

BSN1 bt HRC2         8 – 5

Trys for BSN: Lars (3), Santi (2), Bobby, Joseph & Matthew,

BSN1 drew Gouda   3 – 3

Trys for BSN: Lars (2) & Santi,

BSN1 bt HRC1          4 – 3

Trys for BSN: Lars (2), Iggy & Santi


Thanks to Lars for the snacks (and the trys)!


BSN2: Axel, Daniel, Ethan, Jonathan, Harry, Lukas, Luke, Max & William

HRC1 bt BSN2          5 – 3

Trys for BSN: Axel, Daniel & Luke

BSN drew Voorburg 2 – 2

Trys for BSN: Luke (2)

BSN bt HRC 2            14 – 0

Trys for BSN: Axel, Daniel (3), Ethan, Jonathan (2), Lukas (2), Luke (2), Max, Trym (2),



Te Werve 27th October

With hail and lightning as the prelude, BSN Benjis took to the field against Gouda, Hookers and HRC at Te Werve.  After a physical encounter with Gouda, where missed tackles cost dear, BSN got themselves better organised in defense to record wins against Hookers and HRC.

BSN: Alexander, Axel, Bobby, Daniel, Ethan, Jonathan, Lars, Lukas, Luke, Matthew & Trym

Gouda bt BSN      7 – 1

Trys for BSN: Daniel

BSN bt Hookers  9 – 3

Trys for BSN: Bobby (2), Daniel (2), Jonathan (2), Luke (2) & Lars

BSN bt HRC        10 – 2

Trys for BSN: Bobby (3), Daniel (2), Ethan (2), Jonathan (2) & Lars