Matches between the BSN and Breda Cubs are always tight and competitive, and this was no exception. A real contender for game of the season. The stormy conditions played a role. Breda, with the wind behind them, took the first half 12-0 despite strong BSN pressure as the half went on. After the break, BSN used the wind to their advantage and came back, scoring fourteen points without reply, to win the day.

From the start, the visitors were on the front foot, pushing BSN back. A Breda attack was held up in the try zone, but from the resulting five metre scrum, their big number two, punched through to score. With the kick from wide and the wind swirling, Breda were unable to add the conversion.

Breda’s excellent penalty kick from own half found touch at BSN’s five metre line. There was more than a little bit of wind assist, but it was an outstanding kick nonetheless.  BSN defended well and William broke from an interception, but kicked against the wind and Breda came back.

Breda were winning ball in the rucks, dominating possession and territory. From close range, the Breda number two slipped past a couple of tackles to score under the posts. Breda converted to take a 12-0 lead after ten minutes.

BSN’s heads could have dropped, but instead they found their intensity, holding their own in the break down. The next fifteen minutes saw an enthralling match between BSN attack and a well-organised and quick Breda defence.

Breda had the wind behind them to kick long and clear their lines.  And the wind was affecting passing and handling.  BSN kept coming back, but were unable to punch through or move the ball quickly enough to avoid the Breda forwards, and so the half ended with BSN trailing 12-0.

The second half was tight, until BSN started to use the wind to kick and pressurise the Breda full back. A diagonal kick from Alexander, saw the Breda full back sacked by Lachlan and Duncan. Breda reorganised their defence, but their attempt to kick clear was charged down and then they knocked on five metres out from the try line. From the scrum, Jacob drove over and William converted to narrow the scores.

BSN continued to use high kicks and with the strong wind carrying and swirling the ball, Breda were finding it difficult to collect the ball. From a kick and chase, Louis picked up the ball, but off balance and with Breda defenders close to him, he was unable to ground the ball. From the five metre scrum, the ball again went to Jacob, who again drove over under the posts, and William converted to put BSN into the lead 14-12.

There was a frenetic final five minutes, with both teams attacking, defending, tackling and being forced into handling errors, until BSN kicked the ball into touch on the final action, to take a hard fought win in a close game.