HRC came out on top in the second competitive meeting between HRC and BSN Cubs this season. BSN had their moments, but found it hard against bigger and well organised opponents. They contained HRC for long periods and scored one try, but ultimately the defensive work took its toll. HRC looking like the team to beat.

The match started with five minutes of pressure from HRC, who turned over a BSN scrum and then quick hands and a diving catch took the ball over the line for their first score.

For the next fifteen minutes, the BSN defence held.  HRC continued to edge the game and dominate territory, but it was much closer. However, from a penalty, HRC burst through, recycled the ball and punched over to score; following up with a conversion to take 12-0 lead.

Unfortunately, HRC extended their lead with the last action of the half. BSN had conceded a couple of penalties, but still had an opportunity to clear the ball. It wasn’t to be and HRC scored to lead 17-0 at half time.

The big difference between the sides, was that BSN were making tackles, but were struggling to bring the bigger HRC players down, and so HRC were able to offload and keep possession.

BSN started the second half strongly and were on top for the first ten minutes. They were unlucky not to score with a few phases of play deep in HRC half. A HRC relieving kick found HRC hands and pressure looked to be going back on BSN, but a great tackle from Jacob coughed up the ball to BSN. The ball came to Lachlan, who broke the HRC defence and Cammy was in support to score the try and narrow the scores to 17-5.

BSN were still on top, and HRC were conceding penalties, including a yellow card for a dangerous tackle.

But, BSN could not find an advantage and from a BSN line out, HRC worked the ball to their big full back, who punched through a few tackles and with support, HRC scored the try to extend their lead to 22-5.

The cold and the physicality of the game were taking their toll. BSN started to look tired and HRC were getting their passing going for the first time, finding opportunity to score and convert.  They added two more, with the game now beyond BSN, and the score stretched from 22-5 to end 43-5.