Simply Red!

06 May 2016

After a great but exhausting weekend of rugby at Chichester, the Kika Rugby Tournament now seemed like a bad idea, given the impending Moederdag Tournament on Sunday. Short on players, I contacted the Gouda’s head coach; Nick, recruiting Nick’s son Jack and teammate Mik to make a squad. Amstelveense RC was hosting its 4th Kika…

Watch Out Chichester!

05 May 2016

BSN travelled to England for the Chichester International Mini Rugby Tournament to play the finest teams in the South-East. The rugby tournament rules were different to those in the Netherlands, but the Benjis and Turvens fielded BSN teams in the U9s and U11s age groups, as well as supplying players to English U7 and U12 teams.…

Last Action… Almost!

26 April 2016

In our last scheduled fixture of the season, the Benjis visited Hoek van Holland, fielding two teams including a ‘Chichester’ squad to prepare them for their upcoming trip to the UK. The scheduler at the NRB must have been pulling teams out of a hat when creating the future list, as this was the third…