BSN Benjis enjoyed glorious spring sunshine for the first trip to Hookers of the season.  School holidays meant that only 14 players were available for selection, so the two teams worked hard and shared players across the 5 matches.  Kealan played really well in his debut for BSN scoring three trys and making some great tackles.


BSN A bt Hookers A  9 – 2

Trys for BSN: Axel (2), Luke after Jacob’s drive, Jacob (2) after a lot of wrestling to get the ball (mostly with the girls), Santi, Jonathan through the middle solo, Kealan (2) first one confusing not having a proper try line – both trys given.

BSN B bt Hookers B  16 – 5

Trys for BSN: Daniel from drive forward by Lars, Daniel running through the middle, Lucas down the wing, Meng Meng freight train forward down the line, Lucas after a few good phases from Matthew and Axel, Lucas after drive by Lars, Lucas, Meng Meng, Lars, Lucas, Matthew scores from Meng Meng and Lars rolling maul, Matthew (2) stealing the loose ball, Lars scored after bouncing three people off 

BSN A drew HRC A   3 – 3

A string of penalties against BSN for offside setup HRC for their first try.  It was a tense first half, where BSN lost the ball several times in contact as HRC targeted the ball and BSN were too casual going in to contact.  The half ended with HRC crossing the line after Jacob had scored for BSN, which made it 2-1 to HRC.  BSN played better in the second half and moved the ball out wide for the speed of Lucas and Santi to deliver trys.  The second half was 2-1 to BSN, 3 all at the final whistle. 

Trys for BSN by: Jacob, Lucas and Santi

BSN B bt HRC B  12 – 0

Water tight defence from BSN and the boys were able to score at will both through the middle and with speed on the wing.

Trys for BSN: Lars, Jacob (2), Kealan fast running from crash ball, Matthew crash ball, Lucas (2), Santi (2), Matthew, Luke and Daniel from crash ball

BSN A bt DIOK A   9 – 2

Three fantastic tackles by Kealan: he got low, shoulder first and drove the ball carrier backwards – text book tackles on his debut for BSN.

Trys for BSN: Jonathan (2), Iggy, Santi, Luke, Lars (2) and Lucas (2)

Thanks to Jonathan for the snacks this week and thanks to Daniel for the snacks last week!

Key learnings:  

  1. Tackle by getting low, with head up so you can see, always keep moving to get in front of ball carrier, target legs, hit with your shoulder, wrap arms around tightly and drive the player backwards.  Watch what Joseph does!
  2. No players running away from contact.  Protect the ball when running into traffic.  That means two hands on the ball, leading with the shoulder, turning to face your support players, then either passing, driving forward in maul or going to ground to setup ruck for the next phase.
  3. No running backwards with the ball from anyone ever!

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