On June 24th, our Minis were heading to Scheveningen Beach for the last tournament of the season: the famous North Sea Beach Rugby. A well-known event which combines games from all categories and seniors across the week-end. It is a big event this year with 32 Minis team from all over the country.

Two Minis teams

As we typically play 5v5 (+ substitutes) during a 2×5 min game, we registered 2 teams making a group of 17 players. Our Wassenaar Warriors team 1 and 2 started in different qualifying group playing respectively (The Dukes, HRC, Stichtsche and the Pink Panters) for WW-1 and (HRC 2, URC1, The Dukes 2, Amstelveen1 and Pink Panthers 2) for WW-2. While players really enjoy tackling and off-loading in the sand, games are very competitive. Speed play, smart play is a key for success: Beach Rugby requires discipline and focussed minds as there is no one second to relax when game is ON.

Semi finals

WW-2 finished first of their group qualifying for the top group quarter finals and WW-1 second just a position short to be in the same group as WW-2, hence going in to the 9-16 positions quarter finals. WW-2 played and won against a very good team “Gooi1”. It is not a club we have played before and a score of 4-3 showed the commitments from both to play their best rugby. Qualified for the semi-final against our neighbours VRC!! WW-1 played Delft1 winning 7-3. Well done WW-1, heading to the x-semi-final against Amstelveen2.

Great and competitive games for both of our Warriors teams, pushing their limits and giving all what they have to stay in the race. It is hot, the legs are heavy, there are not many subs around, the extra effort is needed. It is time to get to 100%-110%: a no regret mindset. Each team wants to win, nobody arrives to a semi-final by chance. Games will be tougher, we know that, our teams needs to be better. Well, they both made it and won their semi-final!! WW-1 played finally DIOK for the final ranking of the day, unfortunately losing 3-6. 10th place for WW-1 out of 32. Great performance! Well done WW-1, you had a great day and you managed extremely well with a team reduced to 7. Very proud of the collective efforts and the quick adaptation!

Off to the stadium

Now time for WW-2 to head to the stadium to play the FINAL!! Rams 2 will be our opposition. Again a new club from Apeldoorn we never played before. Like us, they were very successful so far: it is the moment to shine for our Warriors. The atmosphere in the stadium is electric, the music, the speaker … but players are tired. This is their 8th game. It is 17:00, it has been a long day, but it is not time to let it go.

Heads up, the group is ready. Quickly after the start, few actions from Rams put us in a difficult situation, a ball is lost, a turnover. 2-0 for Rams. Both defenses are well in place, there is no space!! 3-1 at the half time for Rams. It is difficult, faces show the efforts provided since the early morning start and we can’t ask them to do more. Just enjoy! You are finalists, you are in the stadium, you are not here by surprise! You had a fantastic day so far, really enjoy the moment. We are proud – be proud. We lost finally 5-2. Sadness is visible on players faces, but not unhappy that it is over.… What a day and once again and what an achievement: very well done Minis, you have achieved a fantastic second place on this great tournament! Be proud of yourself, we are all very proud of you!

Well done Rams, a nice victory. You have a strong team – well deserved 1st place. Many thanks also to North Sea Beach Rugby for organizing the event.

Laurent Minaud
Head Coach Minis


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  1. Ian on June 28, 2023 at 10:52 pm

    Brilliant fellas. What a team.

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