The Benjis juggernaut continues to roll-on… as they won their third consecutive tournament in as many weeks, at the Jan van Burg Toernooi at the Hooker’s home ground at Hoek van Holland.

For many of the Benjis squad, they were returning to the place where the journey began on an equally sunny day, two years ago as Turvens.

After breezing through the group stages, the Benjis won a tough semi-final against an impressive passing display by Gouda. In the final, the rapidly tiring Benjis defence stood firm to prevail 2-0 against DIOK.


William Latta carving through HRC’s defence.



Captain Marval – Daniel collects the winning trophy!

The Benjis brilliant performance was only overshadowed by the stupidly of its own management team (cough, cough…), who thought it was a good idea to create a ‘man-of-the-match’ award only to be won by our female star… Leyla Meena, congratulations Princess Leyla, a great performance!



The Kings & our Princess, celebrate their tournament winning performance. Talking of the King… Any chance their dancing to ‘Please Release me’ or ‘Jailhouse Rock’?






The way they were… the start of their journey at Hoek van Holland in 2013 L-R Back; Hugo Meek, Joel Fraser, Duncan Jewitt, Andrea Barrea, Tobias van Doesburg, Ale Tellada, Luc Roux, Ben Bull, Elston Fraser, Henry Beazley; L-R Front; Daan Koning, Joaquin Vercelli Navas, Daniel Joyce, Tyler Fraser, Giovanni Zattoni, Jamie Charlton, Alexander Constable, Camille Velin