We were so glad to be back at BSN. Very special and important games against HRC, Delft and the Bassets. These are teams that we like and respect very much.

But, we played the best rugby. Nobody played better rugby than us, believe me; and we played it so simply. We played great rugby, in every part of the pitch, and the opposition had to watch us play.

BSN Tigers 10-0 HRC

Duncan passed to William and William played a beautiful pass to Louis. A beautiful pass. So simple. And no one catches Louis. Maybe Atlanta. But she plays for us too. They always score.

Louis scored again. And so did Cammy. He got two. Great tries. William too; he ran it all the way.

William: Unbelievable full back


Then there was a ruck. That’s not a problem. We’ve got Jacob and he clears the rucks. He gets the ball and sets up Henry. Henry drives forward. Straight lines, making the yards. A great run. And now everyone’s playing. Louis making a run. Cammy with a reverse pass. Daniel supporting. Lachlan running in the try. We have the best rugby. The best.

So it was seven nil at half time and ten nil at the end. HRC played well. They’re a good team. Well organised. Good tackling. Good passing. But they couldn’t get started. We hit them with tackle after tackle. The forwards; they were coached by Andy. Great coach. Huge. They were never going to lose a scrum.

BSN T-Rex 5-3 Bassets

You know, Bassets were playing well. They’d brought their best players. They were three one up. We were stuck in the middle. Daran was the BSN coach. Smart guy. He knows rugby. Daran said if you play in the middle, you might win, but if you use the wings, then you will win for sure. And we want to win. So they get the ball to Atlanta. She scores. They get the ball to Daniel H and he scores. Two tries. Great tries down the wings. We win the game.

Altlanta: She knows how to win

BSN Tigers 3-0 HRC

BSN T-Rex 10-1 Delft

Game number four. We played Delft. We won. We scored all the tries. Apart from one. All the best tries.

Aiden: Tremendous player. So fast.

Atlanta; she got two. Josh; he scored. So did Daniel H and Duncan. Aiden; he scored four. Leyla scored. She was straight off an aeroplane from Australia. 24 hours, no sleep. Scored a try. We have the most committed players.

Even HRC players wanted to play for us. We’re that good. Josh played at scrum half. Great player. He wanted to play for us. Who can blame him.

We had a crowd. Wow. There have been crowds before. Big, big crowds. But these were the largest crowds ever to witness a BSN home game, period, both in person and around the globe. We had a massive amount of people here.

BSN Tigers
Coach (great coach): Scott
Captain (amazing captain): Lachlan
Player of the match (what a player, we have the best players): Joaquin
Team: Alexander, Cammy, Daniel J, David, Duncan, Henry, Jacob, Jamie, Joaquin, Lachlan, Louis, William

Coach (smart guy): Daran
Players of the match: Josh and Josh (so good, we have two of them)
Captain (our captains are the best): Joseph
Team: Alec, Andrea, Atlanta, Daniel H, Elizabeth, Josh, Jules, Leyla


The greatest people you’ll ever meet