After being on the back foot for the first twenty minutes, BSN eased through the second half to finish the game against Delft and the first phase of the Cubs Cup, with a 27-10 home win under the floodlights.

The two teams were much-changed from the 2017-18 Cubs Cup final, but there was still plenty to play for.

Delft spent the first ten minutes of the match in the BSN half, keeping possession in the rucks, but not putting serious pressure on the BSN line, until they won a line out, not far from the try line. BSN were unable to defend and Delft scored the first try of the game in the left corner.

For the next ten minutes, the game was played out in the middle or just into the BSN half, until a kick into space by Delft put BSN in trouble and they won the put in at a scum near the try line. BSN managed to stop the first attack on the blindside, but could not prevent Delft from scoring, as the ball was recycled.

At the end of the first half, BSN had their first serious pressure on the Delft try line, but Delft looked to have defended well, turning over the ball, only to be penalised for hands in the ruck, as they were preparing to clear their line. Quick thinking from Alexander, gave BSN their first try, straight from the penalty.

The first half ended with BSN in the ascendancy and they started the second in the same form. Delft were under pressure from the start. Fierce tackling by BSN drove Delft back, and Duncan collected the loose ball to set up Cesar, who was carried over the try line by the BSN forwards in a maul.

The scores were level at ten-all and after five minutes of the second half, BSN brought on Lachlan, Jacob, and Atlanta, and all three were soon involved in the action.

From a Delft scrum in their own half, BSN were quickly onto the scrum half and turned over the ball at the break down. The ball moved right and Duncan played in Atlanta on the wing to put BSN into the lead for the first time in the match.

From the restart, the ball ended up with Lachlan in the middle of the pitch, who ran directly at the Delft defensive line and punched through to score under the posts. William converted the try to extend BSN’s lead.

And from the restart, Jacob nearly repeated the feat, breaking through a series of tackles, before being hauled down by a mob of Delft forwards.

The final score of the game came from Cammy, who found himself on the left wing, played in by a pass from Alexander, to put a gloss on a 27-10 home win.