Do you want to find out if rugby is the sport for you? Are you already playing rugby and do you want to get acquainted with the BSN Rugby Club in Voorschoten? Then please visit our Open Day on Saturday 14 September and meet the players and coaches, view the training facilities and enjoy rugby.

Access to rugby

The BSN Rugby Club is affiliated with The British School in The Netherlands (hence BSN), but membership is open to anyone. Children up to 18 years of 24 nationalities, from both international and regular Dutch schools in the region, play rugby here. The aim of the club is to provide young rugby players with access to organised rugby competition and training. The BSN Rugby Club offers parents and players an enjoyable social and sporting experience in a friendly environment.

Enjoy the game

Training takes place during the week on the sports grounds of The British School in Voorschoten. Kids from 5 to 8 years old play non-contact rugby. When the children get older, and the game becomes more physical, they will start playing the real rugby game more and more. From the age of 7 they play games with other clubs from the region or beyond. The real youth competition starts from the age of 12. Children should mainly enjoy playing rugby and should not feel the pressure to perform weekly in a competition.

Join the Open Day

Do you want to know more about the BSN Rugby Club and playing rugby? We look forward to seeing you on September 14 between 10 am and 12 pm at the sports grounds of The British School in The Netherlands, Jan van Hooflaan 3 in Voorschoten.

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