Our Turvens played their 2nd match day on Saturday 28th at VRC, Voorburgse Rugby Club. The team has demonstrated again a good quality of game, very dynamic and which is getting more structured as players are getting to know each other better. 2 wins / 1 loss and 25 tries in total….

While we have seen very inspired individual initiatives, the group is also learning how to play together, with good passing and making the ball moving quicker when tagged. We have seen fantastic moments materialized by a try where every player gave a little bit of himself through either solid passing, dodging or clever follow up. We love seeing this and we will be working to improve that further during the coming trainings.

Thumb up to the team and to its solid performance again during this Saturday. Sharing a little extract of one of the many great collective actions. Go BSN Turvens!”.

Laurent – head coach Turvens

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