Our Turvens played at home on Saturday November 16th with a new milestone being reached for this group. While winter is around the corner, the group has expanded with new players and we were able for the first time to register 2 teams! We have now a solid group of 14 players who train every Thursday and who are more than ready to play solid rugby and represent the Club on the pitch.

Last game was a good representation of the new set up with players mixed between both teams allowing more advanced players to take more leadership in structuring the game. We will continue to train on the Basics as we need a solid tick on foundations skills (passing, tagging and structured defense) for both 1st and 2nd year Turvens.

Both teams played well under this new set up and we have seen few very nice initiatives. The scoring sheet shows that it is working (for a 1st game..) and it will improve significantly over the next games with few tweaks and more specific training sessions. This young group is on a journey! Stay tuned and come and join us during Saturdays ‘games.

Laurent Minaud – Head Coach Turvens


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