On Saturday January 25, our Turvens played at Delft against DIOK, Delft and HRC. A 100% win for BSN Turvens! The group is starting a strong 2020 with the same desire to play as last year and to get into action with the team mates. The boys are giving 100% and everyone is committed to support the attacker or to build a solid wall in defense to protect his try line.

It is fantastic to see such a high level of energy which is allowing us to get two teams on the pitch. Everyone trains, everyone plays, there is no passenger in this group and the boys get up on Saturday morning with a purpose: give their best and get the job done.

As we continuously mixed players to get two balanced teams allowing good game and fun, I have also observed players stretching themselves by becoming more entrepreneurial and by putting more juice in the game. Confidence is growing! We have seen amazing TAGS tackle (on the fly), great long passes and we broke a new record for the group with 53 tries this Saturday across the two teams and the six games.

Many thanks to everyone involved for these great rugby moments: All parents + Coach assistants + support for “snack coordination”. We love to see you parents on the touch line cheering at the players!

Laurent Minaud – Head Coach Turvens

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