Our Benjis travelled to Sparta-Hermes on September 19 to kick off the new season. A great new location and fantastic weather to play the first games against HRC, VRC and Sparta Hermes.

A large part of our Benjis are on the learning curve as there is a big step between Turvens and Benjis. Benjis play tackles, rucks, mauls, non-contested scrum .. all of this is new for the first years, so they need to learn the right technics and be able to execute it safely and with confidence. The team we registered on Saturday did this very well. The 11 players rotated and played during our 3 games so everyone could have a feel of what it is to be on the pitch with the friends, but also playing against an opponent.

All the games were very friendly with a good spirit but intensity was there. These kids are here to play rugby and BSN Rugby did very well. Our Benjis love to hold the ball in their hands, so they had a clear mission when the opponent was attacking… flat line, tackle and fight for the ball to get the possession. I really liked the energy inside the group, the communication amongst themselves and the collective effort. There were no « passengers ». Everyone had a role and our centers did fantastic. I am very proud of the team and how they get well together. High Five!

Laurent Minaud
Head Coach Benjis

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