On September 26, our Turvens played at Hermes-DVS against VRC, HRC, and Hermes. The rain was pouring for an hour. While other teams were playing inside, our Turvens were warming up in the rain with coaches Alberic, Aslam and Vincent and referee Davin. It was our first time playing under such extreme weather conditions.

The warriors had a rough start and struggled to concentrate on the games. However, they recovered very fast through growing friendship and team spirit. The data shows the three opponents only had 4 tries all together in the last matches.

Head Coach Alberic commented: ‘Another wonderful Saturday! I can see things getting better games after games: nice lines, nicer Vs, more tags taken. Our players also understand now the limits of the pitch. I can also see the team spirit developing, through small gestures (a hand on the shoulder to encourage, greetings after a try, etc). I will continue to mix players (age, language, and level) every Saturday and for the drills during trainings. In addition, I am glad to see how quickly brand new players have caught up. Last but not least, there are two things we will focus on in the next trainings: defense and passing.’

Most importantly, all the players including the players in the other teams had great fun! After the rain stopped, we saw big smiles on everybody’s face along with a beautiful rainbow!

Special thanks goes to our wonderful parents. They were getting soaked just like the kids, while trying their best maintaining proper social distance in the rain! Go warriors!

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