Saturday October 3; a cool and sunny Dutch Saturday morning, and there were a couple of first times going on. First game without parents attending (thank you for respecting the rules), the pitch had brand new posts that had been set-up just in time for receiving DIOK for the first official game of the year. And, it also was the first game for most of the time – out of the 18 Cubs players. Only 4 had played last year as Cubs. For the rest of the team, it was either their first ever rugby game or their first game on a full pitch.

As first times go, it also was a first defeat (43-0) against a serious contender for the top division. The score does not show how well the team fought for a full hour of good rugby. For the first 18 minutes, the two teams were well balanced, and the score was 0-0. DIOK never contested the rucks, which led to a few turnovers, they managed to keep a high level of pressure by constantly running towards our players.

After a few counter attacks, DIOK managed to score and although the score was showing a difference between the two teams at half time, the Wassenaar Warriors Cubs didn’t ever lose faith in their ability to run, pass, tackle and attack DIOK’s line. The fighting spirit and solidarity added to the good intentions were here, and every player had at least a good action they managed to carry out. The referee, who had been very patient throughout the game and did a great job, came at the end and congratulated the Cubs.

There still is a lot of work to do for the team, but what the boys showed both individually and as a team was quite encouraging. Despite of the score, the boys were all happy of their game and enjoyed their third half together!

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  1. Gabriel on October 5, 2020 at 11:49 am

    Well Done cubs!!

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