Our Turvens played at HRC against HRC and Voorburg on October 3rd. It is the first game after the implementation of the new Covid-19 Prevention Rules. The staff from all the clubs were worried about young kids playing without their parents, especially the weather was not helping either. However, our warriors did an amazing job!

Coach Vincent (Coach of Team C) was very proud about the good teamwork, some nice passes, and excellent defence. The warriors took more than 30 tags per game and multiple double tags. They will further improve on offence / defence positioning.

Coach Cedric (Coach of Team A) was also impressed about the great performance and excellent tiger spirit of his team. But the team can improve by focusing more and repositioning backward after passing or taking tags. He also pointed out that our fast runners needed more supports from their teammates. More passing during attacking and more active during defending.

Head Coach Alberic (also Coach of Team B) commented: ‘I am happy to see that our kids did not pay attention at all to the weather. They all left the pitch with a big smile! Our defence is now way better. We have started to count tags taken away. On average 20 per team and per game today against 10 in our first game 3 weeks ago! It s all about focus. We are now asking our kids after each game how many tags they each took. We almost do not talk about the number of tries.’

We are also pleased with the progress made by the 2 extremes (age wise ) of the teams. We make the 2nd years more accountable of the team. For example, the captain is always a 2nd year. They have to help others to make the lines and Vs and it works well. Harvey, Ben, Max, Leo, Bertil are now the pillars of our teams. On the other side, the youngest ones are more focused. Staying focused for the 5/6 years old is not easy. Coaches pay attention to that during the games. As an example Raphael and Clement have scored their 1st try. Zunqi has taken many tags.

Eventually we won 6 games, lost 2 and made 1 draw. And most importantly I think they had fun. Well done to the 3 teams !!! Go warriors!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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