On October 10, our Turvens had their very first home game at our new accomodation, SV Wassenaar. We had 3 teams available to play against Delft, Hookers and HRC. Hence, 10 teams in total made today a big rugby party. The coaches and supporting staff cannot be more proud of our warriors: 7 wins, 1 draw, 1 defeat, 75 tries, 192 tags, and more than 15 double tags!

Coach Vincent praised the big improvement on passing. The ball carrier got good support. He also noticed some good actions with 3 or 4 passes and then a try. Positioning is also getting better. Coach Vincent also commented on what to improve further: enhance defensive pressure with the support of the whole team, passing at kickoff, and the focus of the ball receiver. “Good team spirit, loads of progress in only a few weeks! Proud of our kiddos!!!”

Coach Cedric believed that the greatest improvement of his team was support and backup. The players were following the action of the ball carrier and to give him or her solution. Our warriors almost never left a teammate alone! Coach Cedric was also impressed with the improvement on repositioning. He has mentioned that the players still have to work on passing and concentrating. But he has definitely seen great progress.

After observing 4 matches closely, Referee Adam indicated that our attacking support was really great and the passing has improved. What impressed him the most was our defending. He thinks that compared with other teams, our defending is much more developed. But our warriors can definitely challenge themselves more.

Head Coach Alberic commented: “Our teams are keeping on improving basic things: they are quicker to make the defense line and the attack V. We saw many tags and several double tags. Our second year player, Leo, is becoming the Double Tag King. We also saw some first year players made their first tries, such as Thomas and Zunqi. The team spirit is getting stronger! We saw more support to the ball carrier in all three teams. For instance, Harvey has made a good pass to Ben before the try or again Harvey did the same for Charles. These are true rugby sequences. I hope we will see more of them moving forward. We will continue to work on all these points and we also need to do a lot of passing and catching drills during trainings.”

In summary, happy warriors and happy coaches! Hopefully we can pass this happiness via this article, photos, and videos to the parents who couldn’t join us because of the new Covid-19 Prevention Rules. Thank you for your understanding and support! Our warriors will keep going forward!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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