Based on the latest Covid-19 prevention rules, TBM matches across different clubs have been suspended. But luckily rugby fun continued during the Turvens’ training at SV Wassenaar this Saturday October 17th!

The morning was calmer and the atmosphere was less intense. Our players were less like very fierce warriors but more like playful little children. They fully enjoyed having rugby fun together. Look at these big smiles on their face!

Head Coach Alberic has commented: ‘Great training this morning! As we have very energetic and young kids, we tested drills in smaller groups this week. It has worked out well. We got more focus and attention from kids. The coaches were spending more time on explaining and less time on discipline. We will continue to make smaller groups. Today we practiced a lot of “pass and catch”. We practiced tackles against plastic sticks for the first time. We ended up by a tournament. We will keep up efforts on Thursday!’

The stricter but necessary rules are not impacting the level of energy of this group of friends to have fun together! Our Turvens are more united than ever and will be even stronger after the matches resume!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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