Wassenaar Warriors IRC is participating in the lottery of the Grote Club Actie. Tickets can be bought online until November 30, for € 3 each, of which 80% of the proceeds (ie € 2.40 per ticket) will go directly to our club! And you can win great prizes!

Who can join?

People of 18 years and older, who live in the Netherlands, are allowed to buy lottery tickets and play in this lottery.

What can you win?

Besides the fact that it is of course great to support our club, you can win great prizes! Check this webpage to see what you can win https://www.clubactie.nl/lotenkopers/prijzen-uitslag/ (Dutch). From 10 December you can check on www.clubactie.nl if you have won a prize. Prize winners will also be informed by e-mail.

How to buy lottery tickets?

The tickets can be purchased via the website of the Grote Club Actie, see this webpage (Dutch).

This is how it works (including an explanation for those who do not understand Dutch):

  • Indicate how many tickets you want to buy (click on ‘Anders’ if you want to buy more than 5).
  • ‘Ik koop een lot van (indien bekend)’: fill in the name of the club member who connects you with our club or who pointed you to the promotion.
  • ‘Jouw gegevens’: your initials, last name and mail address.
  • ‘IBAN Rekeningnummer’: your bankaccount number is. Payment will be performed via an one-off direct debit transaction.
  • Do you have a foreign IBAN account? No problem. The lottery association needs the BIC number (your bank’s identifier code) to be able to collect from a foreign account number. For this a ‘BIC code’ field will automatically appear after you have submitted your IBAN code.
  • Check the first button to give permission to the Grote Club Actie to confirm you’re 18 years or older, and you allow them to withdraw the money for the tickets you want to buy.
  • Press the ‘Verstuur’ button.
  • When submitted, you will receive a confirmation of your purchase by e-mail (in Dutch).
  • When the payment has been final, you’ll receive an e-mail with your lottery number(s) within a few days.
  • Tip: Make sure that the sender @clubactie.nl does not end up in your spam box.

Help to sell more tickets

Would you like to help to sell more tickets? Great! It’s very simple: you share the link https://lot.clubactie.nl/lot/wassenaar-warriors-irc/10699627 via WhatsApp, social media or email with people who are 18 years or older and who live in the Netherlands, and ask them to support our club by buying lottery tickets (and maybe win great prizes!).

Please note: do you want to sell tickets to family and friends abroad? Unfortunately, that is not possible, because they do not live in the Netherlands. Also note: The lottery rules are very strict. In the event that someone younger than 18 years of age nevertheless buys a ticket, and this ticket has a prize, this prize cannot be handed out to this person.

What is de Grote Club Actie

De Grote Club Actie has been a well known name for years as the largest fundraising campaign for amateur sports, culture and hobby associations in the Netherlands. Every year, more than 5,000 associations collectively raise nearly 9 million through their participation in the Grote Club Actie. The goal of the Grote Clubactie is to help build a healthy club life in the Netherlands, because they believe in the strength and social value of vital associations. Check their website for more information (Dutch)

Do you have questions about this lottery that you can’t find answers to? Send an e-mail to: bsnrugby.marketing@gmail.com

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