On November 21st, the Turvens had their very first Rugby Olympic Games!

All the warriors were divided into three teams: Team Orange, Team Yellow, and Team Black.

Round 1 was an Obstacle Race. The warriors had to jump over multiple obstacles and made passes with the coaches and teammates. All the warriors tried to run as fast as possible while making nice passes. Team Orange won the race!

Round 2 was Passing Ball in a Circle. The team made the most passes would won. All the warriors formed 3 big circles. They passed the ball to each other carefully so the ball would not fall on the ground. Because every time the ball touched the ground, 3 passes would be deducted! Everybody was counting nervously. The successful rate of passing increased round by round. Good job Turvens! At the end, Team Orange was the winner!

Round 3 was the most exciting round: Tug of War! Team Yellow was the champion this time! Turvens had so much fun that Minis would also like to join this war. The big rugby warriors and small rugby warriors worked together side by side while maintaining proper distance. It was a fun but very meaningful moment!

Round 4 was the good old Turvens Rugby Match. Three teams did a small tournament. The warriors focused on passing the ball between each other and forming V position / defense line quickly. At the end, Team Black won because of excellent defense. This win made Team Yellow lost their leading advantage. Team Orange won the Rugby Olympic Games by a very narrow margin! Congratulations!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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