2020 is definitely one of the most special years for the Turvens. We started our first training on August 27th in Voorschoten. Two days later, we moved to our new home at SV Wassenaar!

On September 4th, Turvens had the very first game in Delft; 16 boys and girls from age 4 and 7 participated. After two weeks, the season started officially. The Turvens played in Delft, Hermes, HRC, and we hosted our first home game. The players did better and better each game. But unfortunately, because of the pandemic, there has been no competitive game with other clubs. We started training bi-weekly. Our coaches worked very hard to keep our warriors motivated.

Sadly, due to the mobility of the expat community, we had to say goodbye to some players and coaches. But the team is also getting bigger and stronger. Right now, we have 28 Warriors! Our Turvens are ready to welcome 2021!

Last but not least, the Turvens would like to say a big thank you to all the parents: thank you so much for all the support and understanding!

Bye 2020 and happy holidays!!!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder

Team Manager Turvens

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