April comes to an end. Turvens 2020-2021 team is still growing and our Warriors’ skills are better than ever!

Head Coach Alberic has stated: “Great training on April 24! We had great weather and the kids were much focused. All conditions were there to make fruitful training. Sometimes, we ended up with more than thirty of games where we started to see real rugby actions. Defense line is understood at the start of an action. Some kids start to make conscious good passes and some of them start to understand that the ball carrier always needs support. Then, the challenging piece, which is by the way normal at this age in whatever sport, is that they tend to form a group around the ball instead of using the width of the pitch. But we have been working on it and it will take time before they get it. Anyway, the parents can congratulate their players for their very good behavior!”

Coach Cedric has commented: “We tried to develop the competition spirit together with friendship among the team and the feedback from the kids were great. We have seen a lot of focus and involvement. We can be proud of them. Some technical skills to be improved and they will be ready for the world cup!”

We cannot wait to see how much more our Warriors can improve at the end of the season!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder

Team Manager Turvens


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