Voorburgse Rugby Club (VR-C), Wassenaar Warriors and WRC Te Werve have formed a Juniors team together that will compete in the Dutch youth competition 2021/2022 rugby season. The team is proudly named The Hague Barbarians.

None of the clubs have enough players for the upcoming season to form their own Juniors team. Because the clubs are all located in the region of The Hague and there is a good relationship between the parties involved, it was quickly decided to work together.

Starting June 1, all players will train together. Training will take place at both the WRC Te Werve accommodation and that of VR-C and Wassenaar Warriors. Players and staff involved are looking forward to this great cooperation and the coming new rugby season!

Join The Hague Barbarians

The Juniors (U16) are 14 and 15 years old when the season starts (born in 2006 or 2007). New players who want to join The Hague Barbarians are very welcome. You can come and try out training for free! Please contact us via wwirc.contact@gmail.com.

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