On Saturday June 12, 2021, our Turvens Warriors came to beautiful Hoek van Holland. We sent out 3 Turvens teams from Season 2020-2021 to play against teams from RRC & Hookers Season 2020-2021. We had 8 wins and 1 draw. Good job boys! The results are:

  • Warrior 1: 6:5, 13:6, 11:2, pulled 89 tags and 9 double tags;
  • Warrior 2: 7:4, 10:5, 7:7, pulled 82 tags and 5 double tags;
  • Warrior 3: 8:4, 9:4, 9:5, pulled 63 tags and 5 double tags.

As we learned from the data that were recorded carefully by the parents volunteers, our Warriors were very good at offense AND defense. Furthermore, coaches have noticed that excellent teamwork was another highlight of the games on Saturday. Coach Cedric has commented: “A lot of support, a lot of tags and double TAGs and a really good team spirit. Some tremendous actions with almost all players touching the ball which can be seen at international level!”

Lastly, I would like to share Coach Germain’s comment with you as the conclusion of this week’s games, or even the conclusion of the whole season: Each player played as if it was the last game of the season… The first years gave themselves like lions to greet their last round with the second years, a tribute to their elders. The second years gave themselves up like tigers as if to remind the coaches that they were now ready to fight next year with the Benjis, to express themselves in the mud, by tackles or rucks… fantastic!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder

Team Manager Turvens

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