It was a great game by the Wassenaar Warriors today. Hardly no wind, a beautiful sun, almost a summer day for most, definitely one for Holland. The clear victory for our Cubs was patiently built, with many tries and conversions.

It started off with Castricum kicking off just before 11, after the referee whistled. The Warriors caught the ball and immediately started running forward, passing, changing direction, rucking, bringing support and on the rare occasions when they’d lose the ball they’d tackle fast and efficiently.

It took a few minutes before the first try was scored after a collective movement which had both speed and great ball handling, and it brought confidence to the team. The team than went on to score tries with different tactics and approaches – forwards, centres, wingers… To be fair, such varied ways of playing made it difficult for the opposition to defend.

What was also impressive, was the quality of the defense, where they managed to push back the visiting team in front of the try line with team spirit, great attitudes and discipline.

Castricum never gave up during the game and managed to score 2 tries. Hadn’t it been for our fierce defence, it could have been much more, and the score doesn’t reflect the way our opponents today were quick at passing the ball around and running, when left the space to do so.

A very pleasant game, with high spirits by both teams and a great start for Wassenaar!

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