A nice day again in Holland for our Cubs and visiting team RC Eemland, who managed to be just on time for kick off. We were lucky to host 3 out of 5 games for this first phase, and so well done Eemland for arranging a team so far away. Most of the club teams were here to cheer, which probably had an influence on the result: 48-14!

With three out of four games won, this will probably mean that we’ll get a stronger opposition during the next phase of 5 games, but before that, we’ll play the Pink Panthers, who have also won 3 out of 4 games. It’ll be an intense game for the second place of our poule (Amstelveen being first, by far).

Wassenaar Warriors won the game fairly early on, by being more agressive in tackling, rucks and scrums. We were leading by 7 tries (3 converted), scored by 4 different players, and we had the upper hand.

Refereeing this kind of unbalanced opposition can be tricky, and we sensed that maybe the referee intensified his expectations towards our team, which made our players have to pay more attention to the rules and the opponent.

At that point, RC Eemland scored a try, and so did we with a great interception and our visitors scored a second try. All three tries were converted.

As a side note, there was a big misunderstanding regarding scrums during the game, whether they should be contested or not – luckily no injuries, but we’ll probably have to pay extra attention next time that all players are aware of the setting.

On a brighter note: Wassenaar Warriors are still the only team that have managed to score a try against Amstelveen 🙂

And a special thank you to parents, first aiders, coaches for their support!

Sébastien Bonnefoy
Team manager Cubs

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