On Saturday December 4th, 2021, the Turvens had their last home game of the year! Diok, HRC, Hookers and WRC Te Werve joined us on this cold winter morning. Luckily, the rain and the wind (which had been going on for the whole week) had stopped for these 2 hours so all the players had a dry fun rugby morning. We had exactly 18 players (one of the Warriors made his debut) which means 3 teams but no substitute. The Warriors did a decent job: out of 8 games, we had 5 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses.

Team I: 3:7; 7:4; 8:7

Coach Germain: “What a pleasure to spend time with the Turvens today. A cold and wet weather, with a light winter fog as we like it, the Turvens attending this morning were really courageous. I saw some great passes, a tough defense with a proliferation of tags, and some great tries ! Encouraging, coaching, refereeing children, within these days, is a real chance that I measure every week.”

Thank you Coach Germain and Coach Julien for helping us coach & ref!

Team II: 2 wins but not enough data has been collected

Coach Andy: “Team 2 was just 6 strong, meaning there were no substitutes and no excuses. Thankfully they were up for the challenge against some strong competition. Led by double tag machine Zunqi, we saw tries run in by Marco, Jackson and a first one for Pascal, with Luke and Georgia in support. Passing through the team was excellent and the team was improving with offsides – they managed to get back inside before grabbing tags – and as the games went on, all team members improved their focus and their engagement with the game. With only two games to play this week, they supported the two other teams, but also defeated both their opponents with the first game recording 14 tries for the Warriors. Despite the cold, they played to their strengths and had a fantastic morning of rugby. Well done Warriors!”

Team III: 6:7, 6:6, 8:6

Coach Bertrand: “Today wasn’t an easy day for team 3. Weather was still cold and we were 6 players so everyone had to keep his role. The first game was lost by 1 point against a well organised and focused HRC team with good positioning in defense. A good example to follow for our Warriors. Then we played two tight matches against Hookers + WRC Te Werve, a new team for us. They played well but we also increased our game level with nice tries from almost all players and more passing. The result was a draw. Continuing on this good dynamic we just won the last match. An overall good progression demonstrating the power of team play. Well done Warriors.”

Congratulations brave Warriors! Most of the players who participated on the 4th had excellent attendance. It is rough to play in winter, especially during the pandemic. But with no training on Thursday, the Sat game is the Warriors’ only channel to practice rugby. We have two more upcoming game Saturdays and a couple of more Warriors cannot wait to play. Hopefully, more Warriors can overcome their obstacles (sickness, coldness, birthday parties, etc) and join us to finish a great first half of the season.

In addition, big thank you to all the parents who volunteered on Saturday! During this special period (winter and pandemic), the Warriors really need your continuous support. We deeply appreciate your passion and engagement!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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