Our Turvens have been enjoying the wonderful sunshine in March and delivered three excellent match Saturdays! Here you find the reports by team manager Ying Zhou-Rameseder.

March 12th, 2022

Our Turvens went to HRC alongside Diok and VRC. All the young players did Sport for Peace and played three great matches!

March 19th, 2022

On March 19th, we hosted another successful home game. HRC, Hookers, and VRC have visited our club and performed 15 high quality games. Many of our youngest players have achieved their first tries!

After the games, our coaches organized another famous BBQ to warm up for the 6 Nations Rugby at the SV Wassenaar clubhouse.

March 26th, 2022

Our Turvens had sent 3 teams to Leiden and played against Diok, Gouda and HRC. The Warriors played 3 rounds of games in a row with nearly no break. Their perseverance achieved some great results and lots of rugby fun!

Coach Cedric: “For team 1 very sunny but heavy duty today. 3 players on 7 really wanted to play, the other ones would have preferred watch TV this morning I guess. This shows the importance of attending training on Thursday also to learn how to play but also to be part of the group. But nevertheless very useful for all, coaches included!”

Coach Germain: “What a sunny day today! The children were in good shape, and the opposing teams were very well prepared. It took a lot of engagement and teamwork to play against the DIOK, HRC and Gouda teams. Lots of be passes, tags, a very good defense, well aligned, ensured some great matches. What a joy to see the children give their all!”

Coach Andy: “On a pleasant spring morning, as streams of sunlight fell down on the flat green fields of DIOK, Wassenaar Warriors emerged on to the pitch together to meet the challenges presented to them. Wassenaar Warriors 3, comprised of two 2nd years and seven 1st years, had three hard games against well drilled and seasoned teams from DIOK and HRC. The Warriors knew they need to gel as a team and work together, which they swiftly did. All Warriors were switched on, focused and determined resulting in some great matches. The team worked hard over the three games and the levels of respect and teamwork were excellent. These were three performances the team should be proud of. With a little more focus in training, including defensive line positioning and movement, passing, and speed of attack, this group will become even better. Well done Warriors!

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