On Sunday May 8th 2022, Turvens and Benjis Warriors went to RFC Oisterwijk Oysters for the Mother’s Day tournament. This tournament has 38 years of history and had been postponed for 2 years due to pandemic. It is also the first time for our club (former BSN Rugby Club) to attend this tournament as Wassenaar Warriors International Rugby Club.

The weather was wonderful and the results were great. We took home three trophies and one MVP title! But most of all, the players, coaches, and parents had an amazing time together. Thank you very much for the hospitality, Oysters!


Turvens Runner-up!

Due to the school holidays, the Turvens only had 7 players available. However, this young team delivered an excellent performance!

Head Coach Gavin commented: “On Sunday morning, 7 brave Warrior Turvens ventured the long way to Oisterwijk to play in the 38th Mothers Day tournament. We were met with strong opposition from The Dukes, Breda, Wasps and our neighbours HRC. After a shaky start to the first game, we settled in to some good rugby with lots of defending and running against Nijmegen Wasps resulting in a narrow win. Next came along Breda and with increased confidence we quickly despatched them with a convincing victory. A long break, combined with a lot of sunshine, left us a little sluggish in the 3rd game against a very strong Dukes team with many subs, and despite our best efforts we succumbed to a defeat to the eventual first place Turvens team. Heads held high, we went in to our final match vs our neighbours HRC and did ourselves proud with a fantastic victory. Although we only had 7 players vs the other team with many subs, our Warriors did an amazing job with passing, running, tagging (and double tagging) despite their legs getting tireder as the day progressed. We came out in second place from 12 teams visiting and have a fantastic trophy to take pride of place in the clubhouse trophy cabinet. Amazing efforts and lots of rugby fun all around both in Turvens and our Warrior Benji’s who won 1st and 3rd place in their categories. Bring on the next tournament!”


Our Benjis were definitely the star of the day. Warriors 1 was the Second Runner-up and Warriors 2 was the Champion! In addition, Warriors Sam won the Best Benjis Player Award. Congratulations!

Coach Nic commented on Warriors 1: “Today was awesome…great weather and a tough competition, and The Oysters RFC were a great host! Our team, Warriors Team 1 played well. They moved the ball well and played well on defense. One takeaway from today is to pass the ball quicker and more often. The team likes to run as far as they can before passing, and they tend to run into trouble. However, towards the end, they really started to gel, their passing was better, and scored more try’s. I’m very proud of our young men and women and look forward to seeing them as 2nd year Benjis!”

Head Coach Laurent commented on Warriors 2: “Our Benjis continue to shine and to deliver a solid youth rugby inside and outside our district. We spent last Sunday Mother’s Day at Oysters for their 38th Turvens-Benjis tournament. Our group had an awesome time over there playing with clubs and teams that we have never encountered before. We have been winning multiple prizes through the day and finished first on the Benjis ranking board after a very competitive final against HRC (3-1). Our second team did also extremely well by taking the 3rd place of the tournament. What a great Day for our Benjis!! It is a fantastic start as we enter the tournaments season. Our players are coming fresh with a strong team spirit and are eager to compete. We certainly all enjoyed this event and day out with players, their families and our host The Oysters RC. Many thanks to The Oysters for the great day and for the efforts put forward to allow for these great moments and memories of Youth Rugby.”

Last but not least, I would like to wish all the mothers in our club: Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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