On September 17th 2022, our young Turvens had their very first games. We had 17 players, 8 of them had never played a game before. We formed two teams against two teams from VRC and two teams from HRC. The challenge did not only come from our opponents, the weather was not very helpful either. Our players had to play in the heavy rain from time to time. But nobody complained. Everybody was just focusing on enjoying rugby and with achieving great results; 4 wins out of 6!

Team I

Coach Anri was very proud of her team’s performance. She stated: “Phil and I were very impressed with Team 1. The year 2 Turvens led by example grabbing tags and looking for gaps to run through. The 1st years grasped the line D concept like they’ve been training for a long time. They knew the protocol and they executed beautifully. 2 out of the 3 first years even scored some tries!!! I am very happy with the wins but even more so by their performance.”

Team II

It was also Coach Dewald and Coach Nicolas’ first district game as coaches. They did an excellent job and so did their Warriors! Coach Nicolas commented: “It was a great start for our group. Especially because the children were very exited with their first match and i think they really enjoyed the day. Then, they do not know yet how to be well positioned in the field. For example, in some occasions, they were offside. And they made some forward passes. But these are all expected mistakes for this stage. We can continue working on all these basics in the following training sessions.”

What a great start to the season! Congratulations on a solid performance for the first matches! Everybody shall watch out for our little Turvens warriors in Season 2022-2023! Looking forward to see what they can do in the future!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens

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