Our Minis Warriors played their 3rd game of the season at Bassets RC playing respectively HRC2 and RRC2 on October 1st. We brought few newly “match ready” players on the pitch so they could experience real game conditions and new opposition. No surprises, opposition was at the “rendez-vous” with a high level of intensity on the pitch.

Our extended group (20 players) was very successful across the 3 games securing 3 wins and delivering solid collective youth rugby in both attack and defence. Revisiting the basics during September was necessary for many so the group can now move at a faster pace and get better structured. No doubt that efforts at training are paying off and it is great to see that many players can make the difference in a 1 vs 1 situation and inspire the other team members to deliver their best!

This group is very international with few new players knowing each other for about 4-5 weeks only, speaking a different language or coming from a different environment or culture. Guess what … the chemistry has started and this 2022 blend sounds very promising. Watch this team and feel excited! It is the beginning of a great journey.

Laurent Minaud
Head Coach – Minis

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