On Saturday, November 5th 2022, our Warriors had their first TBM Bondsdag of this season. The Turvens and Minis went to RC Delft and our Benjis to HRC for a day full or rugby fun!

Turvens: great team work

Two Turvens teams went to Delft to play against teams from HRC, Delft, Te Werve, Diok, Bulldogs from Almere, and Dukes from ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Coach Phil says: “Team one stepped up their work rate impressively throughout their three games, to end the day deservedly feeling good having gone all in, pulling off some moments of fine team play and growing in both confidence and dominance.

Following a slow game one start, where they needed a push to switch on, they unfortunately found their fighting spirit too late towards the end of the second half. Game two however, they were on, focusing on running plays and competing for the ball on the ground. By game three, they were eager to put their game 1/2 experiences together and played a much more aware game.

In all though, a fantastic achievement by all, showing steady progression and passion. Great effort!”

Coach Josh adds: “Team 2 progressed really well over the three games, after shaking off some Halloween cobwebs from the break. There was some difficulty getting organized and in position, but after an early couple of untouched tries against, our Warriors quickly gained some motivation. We witnessed some very swift tagging hands and even swifter feet. By the second half our Warrior Wall was looking strong, but offensively, we were still a bit frenzied, trying to run it alone and panic passing. This resulted in losing possession on a few occasions.

In game two our Warriors looked much more ready for action. They played more aware, looking for passes and staying behind the ball in position to receive. A couple clean passing sequences led to some impressive looking scoring opportunities. They put in strong effort against a strong team. After a break, refuelled with cotton candy and popcorn, the team hit the field full speed. It was faster action and for the most part, well played. By the second half our Warriors were becoming weary but held on to keep it at a tie. All in all, a great day of rugby for our Warriors, with improved team work and lots of fun!”

Benjis gave their very best

Our Benjis also joined and visited HRC with two teams. They have played against HRC, Wageningen, and Gooi from Naarden.

Head Coach Gareth comments: “Super work today Benjis! Our Warriors showed how we play Rugby in this district! After a relatively slow start today from both Benjis teams, the final games against HRC were both epic, and ones where we gave our all! I think it‘s fair to say that we give our best when playing strong opposition. Today was physically demanding, and with only one sub on each team, our players shone once again.”

Minis: solid and collective rugby

Our Minis went to Delft to play against the Dukes, Bulldogs and RC Delft. They won all 3 games with 16 tries and the opponents only took 2 tries from them.

Head Coach Laurent Minaud says: “Our Minis had a great morning at our neighbors RC Delft playing respectively Dukes, Bulldogs and Delft. The Bondsdag is a good opportunity to play new clubs and our Minis met the challenge by finishing 1st from their poule and by giving away only 2 tries to the opponents across the 3 games. While on-boarding new players, the group remains solid in defence and creative in attacks. Well done team, a great demonstration of solid and collective youth rugby. Your passion for this sport is visible!”

What a great and fun Bondsdag! Our Warriors were happy to see old friends and were excited to play with new opponents. Thank you for hosting, HRC and Delft. We are looking forward to the next Bondsdag!

Ying Zhou-Rameseder
Team Manager Turvens


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