Our Minis joined both Rotterdam and Delft’s team at RC Delft on Saturday Jan 14th for the first game of the year. While the weather conditions were very challenging with heavy rain and chilly wind, all teams were ready for the 9.00 am kick off to start the second half of this season.

Our Warriors played first Rotterdam RC and delivered a very solid collective performance, impressive in defence and very agile and fast in attack. The group showed unity and strong support amongst each other. They made the extra effort to adjust the passes with a slippery ball and side wind and did not shy away from going to ground in tackles even on a pitch soaked of water.

The second and last game against Delft was a bit more contested but our Minis Warriors made it through and won thanks to a good mix of go forward individual attitude to break the opposition line of defence and multiple sequence of wave passing to “launch” the wingers in the free spaces. Well done team, great spirit and solid youth rugby!

Looking forward to an exciting second part of the season with many tournaments and away days together.

Laurent Minaud
Head Coach U12

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