On Saturday January 28th, nine fine Turvens made their way up to Dutch rugby mecca Hilversum, to take part in a highly competitive Bondsdag, against the three clubs with the biggest youth programmes in the country. Not only did our Warriors represent Wassenaar and the international community heroically, but they played rugby on a totally different level, choosing running angles, team play and agreed attack moves (dummy’s and crosses) that would have done any veteran proud.

Discipline was incredible, their wall stood strong and attacks were passionate.

Game one – Amstelveen would have been nowhere had it not been for Sisi and Henry kindly agreeing to switch sides to make up the numbers. Quick off the mark, all of our Warriors were keen to play, knew what they needed to do and showed that Amstelveen were no competition really.

Next was Hilversum and even though they fielded players from a grade above ours, it was barely enough as our fighting spirit kept them working till the final whistle.

Last up was HRC and despite great control in our set pieces, we just couldn’t manage to cover our wings, which is where some exceptionally nippy HRC 7 year olds found the gap.

We’re immensely proud of all of our Turvens who played at this Bondsdag – great spirit, lots of fun and hard work: everyone remembered offside, passing was amazing and overal game awareness was super impressive. Massively well done!!

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