With their participation in the North Sea Beach Rugby tournament on June 24, our Benjis had a great closing of the 2022/2023 rugby season. Not only because of the great weather, the great environment and the fun they had, but also because of the fantastic results they achieved. Read more in this report written by proud Benjis coaches Germain and Julien:

Our Benjis to the top of the last beach rugby tournament

The last one. Last weekend of the season. The weather is perfect. Burning feet. We are almost at home.

The main objectives for this tournament is aligned with the ambition of the Benjis staff:

  1.  All kids available should play. No selection. 19 players engaged: we are very lucky to get so much players.
  2.  All kids should enjoy the day. This is a very big event. 30 Benjis teams engaged. We want to make this day full of great memories.
  3.  The team spirit lives in us. We are one team. This is the last tournament, the last time 1st year and 2nd year Benjis will play all together.
  4.  The 2nd year Benjis become mentors. The very last mission of a 2nd year, right before moving to the next level, is to pass on their know-how, to level-up the team.
  5.  Rugby spirit and fun remains the key driver. There is no team A, no team B. What a pride to enroll 2 strong teams!

We met competitive teams, coming from across The Netherlands, and the 2 strong and well-balanced Benjis teams we engaged, have shown the Wassenaar Warriors way of playing, the collective way to perform.

Coach Julien said: “What a great day! Beyond the results I saw second years taking their responsibilities and leading by example. I saw first years raising their level and never giving up despite tough opposition. I saw Warriors playing their best rugby with high intensity. I saw solidarity, teamwork, friendship and much more both on the pitch and outside, fun! It was awesome!”

Coach Germain said: “A fantastic weekend to close a fantastic year. Look at what has been built, the progress done by the kids, the skills and level of engagement they gave on the pitch, the pleasure they have to play together. The result is amazing: our 2 teams finished 3rd and 6th out of 30 teams engaged!!! No others clubs in Netherlands achieved such performance. Warriors 1 lost against the winners and Warriors 2 lost against the 2nd (after a golden score in the semi finale extra time). These kids are fantastic; on a hot, sunny day, with strong opponents still showing the fun of rugby.”

To all parents: you can be proud of your child, but also proud of you. Good spirit and progress of any team cannot be reached without involvement and dedication of the parents. Attendance of the kids all along the year cannot be without parents. You made these emotions happened. Each of us is playing a critical role in the development of the kids. We kindly thank all parents, managers, 1st aiders, coaches and staff engaged in this adventure, bringing this team to live.

Julien Eck, coach
Germain Rivaux, coach

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