The Minis competed in their first Bondsdag for the year yesterday at Utrecht Rugby Club.

We played our best Rugby so far this year and finished in 1st position.  It was a real team effort with everybody contributing, playing hard and fair, and great sportsmanship including helping the local opposition with some players to balance out the numbers.

34 tries were scored in 4 games – with only 2 tries scored against us.

Tries scored by;

Marcos Barisic x 3, Finn Cameron x 5, Cillian Roux,

Fin Donnelly x 2 , Jack Bandy x 3, Michael Slessor x 3,

Julius Van Doorn x 3, Luke Joyce x 2, Joy Regan x 2,

Max Van der Snell x 2, Jan Julius x 3, Eddie Walker x 2,

Logan Maxwell x 2

A great performance and congratulations to the whole team and coaches.