BSN traveled to Tilburg in Noord Brabant, where the Benjis successfully flew the flag for Zuid Holland in the Bondsdag.

The day in the woods started with perfect blue skies and soft ground.  As well as Tilburg, there was unfamiliar opposition in RC Eemland from Amersfoort (representing Utrecht), the Pickwick Players RC from Deventer (representing Overijssel), and RC Tovaal from Goes (representing Zeeland).

There were three matches scheduled before lunch and the Benjis started with a flawless win against Tovaal.  Hugo set the tone, in a Benjis man of the tournament performance with big hits, taking a few of the Tovaal players airborne.  With good offloads by the team, the tries soon racked up.

Man of the match Hugo landing a try

Man of the match Hugo landing a try

In the second match against Eemland 1, BSN continued their good form in the face of some smooth passing from Eemland.  Although there was more running and less offloads by the Benjis, the team still managed a comfortable win.

The last game before lunch against Eemland 2 was the toughest of the day.  At one-all at half time, the tough tackling game was finely balanced.  A quick try from a second-half penalty by Eemland caught the Benjis sleeping and they found themselves 2-1 behind.  However, Eemland’s joy was short-lived, when William scored straight away with a break down the wing and then again for a tight 3-2 win.

William hurdling the tackles

William hurdling the tackles

While the other teams took a break for lunch, the Benjis had other plans and spent a simple half hour rolling in the mud.  With muddied faces battle ready, the lack of lunch did not seem to hold back BSN as they worked through the afternoons matches with three solid wins against Tilburg 1 & 2 and the Pickwick Players.

Men of mud

Men of mud

The coaches kept the motivation high by telling the team before each game that the next team had won all their matches 10-0; they’re giants; keep focussed; and don’t eat too many biscuits.

All in all, a good Bondsdag with six wins, 40 tries scored and only two tries conceded.  Plus a great deal of mud.

BSN trying out their new move - the Octopus

BSN trying out their new move – the Octopus

Coaches: Daran, Scott & Cedric

Captain: Lachlan

Man of the Match: Hugo

Team: Alexander C, Camille, Daniel, Duncan, Henry, Hugo, Jamie, Joaquim, Jules, Luc, Mac, Nicolas, William