One week into the New Year and everyone was still carrying the holiday’s excesses in body, mind and spirit. There is some suggestion that a Christmas break helps to keep the players fresh, but not on this evidence.

HRC turned up at Sparta. Pity that they’d missed the message that the games had been changed to Dordrecht, but they did make it down the road in time for a few matches.

We’ll never know if Dordrecht had a schedule for the games or if that did or did not include a makeshift rafting expedition on the dyke at the back of the rugby ground. Nevertheless, after rigging up a second pitch, there were some games of rugby to keep the Benjis warm from a hint of winter. Well done to Dordrecht for stepping in and hosting the matches at short notice.

Considering the restart

Joaquin Considering the Restart

For our part, the two BSN teams seemed to have forgotten that it is a team game and attempted one-man rugby with a little bit of ball watching for good measure. Despite all the holiday-rustiness, they managed four wins from the five games.

One Team!

One Team!

Guest coach, Wayne, guided BSN2 to the first defeat of the season. A result that was much commented on by the other coaches, but the game was a close contest with HRC, who were considerably sharper at the ruck and in the pass.

All-in-all, good to get back out onto the field after the holiday break and shake off the tinsel. With a couple more training sessions and matches, the speed of thought and rugby will return.

The Contest

The Contest

BSN (combined) 7-2 Dordrechtse RC
BSN2 9-1 Rotterdam RC
BSN1 3-1 HRC
BSN2 0-3 HRC
BSN (combined) 9-0 RC Dordrechtse RC

Happy New Year!

Coach: Daran
Captain: Jules
Man of the match: Fred
Team: Daniel, Duncan, Jamie, Josh, Louis, Luc, Mac, William

Coach: Wayne
Man of the match: Ronan
Team: Alexander C, Calum, Henry, Jamal, Joaquin, Leyla, Milly, Moritz, Nicolas