In our last scheduled fixture of the season, the Benjis visited Hoek van Holland, fielding two teams including a ‘Chichester’ squad to prepare them for their upcoming trip to the UK. The scheduler at the NRB must have been pulling teams out of a hat when creating the future list, as this was the third time in as many weeks we had meet the same HRC team… and HRC have 5 squads!

Coach Manuel provided the match report for BSN2;


Rory on the run!

First game was against HRC (and Hugo was our fearless captain). The game started on a bad note for BSN, with HRC strongest player going thru the entire BSN defense (showing apathy and gentle tackling!). 1 – 0 after to 2 min… a tough start for BSN. But that was probably the best wake up call for BSN, which immediately started to play their best rugby, passing, supporting and scoring 4 tries with William, Hugo, Joaquin at their best with constant support from the entire team. HRC only managed to win a few rucks but was unable to come anywhere close to the BSN try line.

At half time, the team realized they needed to raise their game in the ruck and they did. The second half was a one-sided game where BSN continued scoring to finally win the game 9 to 1. Not only playing their best Rugby but having fun too, with the help of a valiant Turven named… Christopher!

The second BSN2 game against the Hookers was a bit more chaotic with numerous injuries on both sides (Joaquin had to go off twice, the Hookers lost a player – who unfortunately broke an arm when our BSN captain Joseph accidently fell on him). Both teams were tired but BSN continued to play Total Rugby with numerous tries from William, Aiden, Joaquin… The Hookers managed to score two times (Hugo had switched to BSN1 vs HRC) but BSN scored another win the first half 7 to 2.

BSN2 second half against Hookers was a superb example of how our team should play. All players were involved in tackling, passing, supporting and not a single “one-man Rugby” but a demonstration of team playing skills to run out clear winners.

All BSN parents were extremely proud of their kids!

BSN1 first game was against the host; The Hookers. Given the upcoming trip to the UK, team play was more important than the result but a couple of quick line breaks thru the middle of the field by the Benjis instantly put the Hookers on the back foot. Some sloppy defending against the Hooker’s strong fly half reduced the deficit somewhat but the Benjis soon regained control, Rory breaking the first line on numerous occasions and supplying some good off-loads to Jamal and Erben at the breakdowns.

5-1 at half time, the Benjis continued where they left off… This time with Alexander & Duncan joined Rory in breaking through the lines to score. At the breakdowns, Luc, Jamie and Layla secured the ball for the next attack, eventfully winning 9-3.


No-one is stopping Jamal… even a free flying HRC player!

After a quick break, BSN1 took on HRC in an entertaining topsy turvy first half. Having gone one up, the Benjis found themselves 2-1 down, thanks again to some sloppy defending; HRC’s big fly half running straight thru the Benjis defense in a mirror image of Rory’s first try, 2 minutes earlier. 2-2 became 3-2, 3-3, 4-3 and 4-4 before the Benjis scored just before half time. Again the Benjis were trying to play narrow and HRC were countering well on the wings, although super-sub Hugo was now in on the action for the Benjis.

After a half time talk by the coaches. The Benjis started winning the rucks and moving the ball wide, with the occasional line break by Duncan, Erben, Alexander and Rory. Hugo, getting a little bit bored cutting down trees in the middle of the field, now moved out to the wing, scoring a few tries for a bit of fun, notably, an excellent try from one of Rory’s offloads. The Benjis were now rampant, Daniel, Layla, Jules, Jamie and Luc helping to win and move the from one side to the other, eventfully winning 11-5… a completely different and much improved second half team performance by the Benjis.


Hugo winging it!

Captain; Jamal
Player of the Match; Layla
BSN1; Alexander C; Daniel; Duncan; Erben; Hugo; Jamal; Jamie; Layla; Luc; Rory
Coaches; Cedric, Daran

Captain; Joseph
Player of the Match; Aiden
BSN2; Aiden, Andrea; Calum; Christopher C, Hugo; Joaquin; Joseph; Nicolas; Ronan; William
Coach: Manuel

Photo’s; Pete Main