Saturday 25th March was a gloriously sunny BSN day with the pitch looking fantastic. The lads arrived an hour earlier to support the Cubs playing Eindhoven, who put on an inspirational show. The disappointment of their last minute loss resonated deeply with the Juniors heart-ache at Delft 7 days earlier.

22 players turned out on the day, eager for a return clash with Oysters and keen to readdress the upset of last week.


BSN and Oysters huddle for last minute before the game

Fantastic BSN tackling was one of the day’s hallmarks as every team member stood-up to the mark


From the outset it seemed this was going to be a close match as both teams attacked and counter attacked with fresh legs. From the side lines one thing was clear, BSN were fired up and everyone on the team tackled fiercely, stopping Oysters in their tracks. Sadly it was during one of these tackles that Mika sustained a knee injury that finished his game for the day, accidentally caused by one of his BSN teammates as they turned and twisted to regain the ball. Happily he seemed to be moving well later in the day and hopefully will be fit to play in the next match.


BSN Captain spins the ball down the line


The first points for BSN came at 10mins following one of Williams trademark power runs and a Stuart conversion. A second Williams try followed after 14 mins, again converted by Stuart, extending the BSN lead, BSN 14:0 Oysters.


BSN no. 8 breaks away from the rear of the scrum, one of many exciting breakouts of the day, catching Oysters napping


At 22 mins Dennis decided to get in on the act scoring a great no. 8 try after bursting away from the rear of the BSN scrum and touching down near the posts. Stuart, as normal played his part converting the extra 2 points taking BSN to a 21 point lead, BSN 21:0 Oysters. This was shortly followed by a fourth BSN try by Seb C, who was having an inspired game, breaking away near the half way line and surging through the Oysters line, side-stepping two Oysters players on his way to the try line.

From the side-line it, in the sunshine, it felt like the good times had returned after the disappointment of the last few weeks. Even an Oysters try in the dying minutes of the 2nd half did not dent the enjoyment and the whistle blew with the score-line at BSN 26:5 Oysters.


Efforts on the training pitch paid off today with some powerful and aggressive rucking action by the forwards always there in numbers to keep the ball


The second half started for BSN as the first half had ended, this time with a try by Seb CL after 2mins played, taking the score-line to BSN 31:5 Oysters.


BSN scrum-half and conversion machine spins the ball out from the scrum to setup another attacking action

The BSN scrum performed well, watched keenly by the referee and Schotse ‘Coach Campbell’


BSN did not have it all their own way however and Oysters started to rally. There were a number of powerful attacks down the BSN right wing that required quick support from the rest of the squad to counter. However at 9 mins played the Oysters pressure paid-off and a try was scored near the BSN right wing corner flag. The conversion was missed however taking the score to BSN 31:10 Oysters.


Some great individual efforts from BSN found Oysters wanting on the day

Lineouts worked well on the day for both teams with impressive lifting (shame about the boxers however)


The following 10mins of play was exciting and evenly matched. One stand-out feature of the game, at least from the side-line, was that the quality and aggression of the BSN rucking. Every time an attack was held up 2 or 3 BSN players were there instantly, securing the ball for the next phase of play.


BSN rucking was impressive and ensured multiple phases of play building to a number of tries – from the side-line this element of play appeared markedly improved


The next score arrived after 20 mins played when BSN forwards charged down the left wing. When halted by determined Oysters defence the ball was again won from the ruck picked-up and charged over the Oysters try line, taking the score to BSN 36:10 Oysters.


BSN backs and forwards combined perfectly to shut-down numerous Oysters attacks with great tackling


A final Oysters try was scored at 26 mins taking the score to BSN 36:15 Oysters, where it remained for the last couple of minutes until the final whistle blew sealing a great BSN performance in the sun.


BSN and Oysters congratulate each other after the match


Game stats:

Due unfortunately to the absence of Neville ‘stato’ Conway this reporter is unable to provide full match statistics this week and the score times reported have been estimated from picture time-stamps. It is hoped that normal service will be resumed next week.

Full time score: BSN 36 : 15 Oysters


Backs – Jay, Eduardo, Sam, Seb C, Seb CL, Williams, Safwan,

Forwards: Stuart, Mika, Kieran, Elliot, Hector, Sandy, Laurens, Dennis, Peter, Alex, Zangir, Arthur, Vyvyan, Andrew, William